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History of Renton’s

Renton’s International Stationery began in Sydney, Australia back in 1965. Jack Renton, the founder, was working as the credit manager at a construction company at the time, when he heard about these little stickers that helped speed payments. He gave them a try and they were extremely effective. So much so, that his friends and colleagues wanted to use them.

Frustrated by the boring designs and lack of local availability he started designing his own labels and selling them on the side. So the idea for Renton’s was born. Initially a part time business run literally out of the family garage, it expanded rapidly in the early years, and soon became a fully-fledged operation with several employees.

This was a true family business. Jack’s wife Patience and their three children, Ian, Peter and Robyn all helped out in the family business whenever needed. Peter Renton joined the family business full time in 1989 barely a year out of college, with big plans to expand the business internationally. After a successful exploratory venture in New Zealand, Jack and Peter set their sights on the United States.

At this stage Ian, Jack’s eldest son, joined the family business in Sydney. So after an investigative trip to America to get an initial reaction and choose a city to start in (Denver won out over Portland and San Diego), Peter landed in America on October 7, 1991. The first mailing went out a week later. Renton’s has been serving the businesses of America ever since.

 In July of 2005 Peter sold Renton’s. Three years before, Peter started another company to supply Renton’s with stickers, and also to provide custom product labels to small businesses around the country. Peter’s new company grew to where he couldn’t commit to both companies, and he needed someone who could devote the time and energy needed to grow and sustain Renton’s.

Since 1965, when Jack Renton first began selling stickers out of the family garage, Renton’s commitment to our customers has never changed. We will do everything we can to help you add a personal touch to your collections, to make your job easier and to make your job more enjoyable. Of course, we will always provide you with a large selection of Collection and Thank You stickers, and with our bi-monthly catalogs and new products we will try to keep you well informed as well as entertained.

At Renton’s, we can personalize stickers, labels, and thank you cards for any type of business need. From auto parts suppliers to propane and gas companies, business products to trash and sanitation, insurance to medical billings, collections to credit firms, we’ve printed custom 1-color and 4-color runs for thousands of businesses.